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About Automatic Rescue Device Dealers – Power Solutions

Elevator accidents are unavoidable in the course of normal use. An automatic emergency evacuation system should be incorporated to protect the safety of passengers in the event of an elevator failure.
As soon as the ac power suddenly fails or malfunctions in an electric control system and the elevator car is stuck in the shaft, this emergency rescue equipment is activated to automatically convert, cut off the original electric control system and ac power supply elevators to a flat layer position after the door is opened so that passengers can get out in time. Automatic rescue device price is reasonable for you.


Technical Specifications

ABP ACE Series of Automatic Rescue Device(ARD)

SI Technical Specification Automatic Rescue Device(ARD)
1. No. of Phase 3 Phase 4-wire R,Y,B,N
2. Voltage Range 165V-270V
3. Mains Low Recovery Range 10V
4. Mains High Recovery Range 5V
5. Frequency Range 50HZ
6. Battery Charges Stages 3
7. Switching Power Device Mosfet
8. Paint Shade EPOXY/Enamel Paint to shade 631/632 of IS:5
9. Control PWM
10. Output Voltage 440V
11. Phase Double Phase 2-Wire
12. Output Waveform Sine Wave
13. Frequency 50HZ
14. Switches ON/OFF
15. Alarm Battery Low, Overload, Charger ON

In the event of an emergency, you need - Power Solutions

During a power outage, the DSP control system of the emergency device will immediately identify the elevator's status and put it into emergency rescue mode, preventing further damage. K1A is responsible for the electric interlock of the elevator control transformer by first absorbing and closing the power supply from the external power grid.
To ensure the elevator's security and its ability to lock and unlock its doors, the safety, door lock, and repair circuits are all put through their paces. Power is then supplied to the sensor in the gate area, which detects the flat layer signal and, if it is normal, begins running a currency converter to power up the door control system (AC door, DC door, frequency conversion door). A three-phase inverter circuit output voltage from K2A typically open contacts powers a traction machine and traction capsules in a certain direction, depending on whether or not the car is not in a flat layer position. When the car reaches a flat area, it comes to a halt. The lock is closed by the three-phase inverter. All contactor and emergency device contacts and relay contacts are reconnected when the emergency door and hall doors are unlocked to restore normal operation. Automatic rescue device price in India is cheap.
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