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Power fluctuation is quite normal nowadays and for a company it is necessary to have the best online ups system so that no data loss can happen. A company runs many computers at the same time and if there are power fluctuations, there maybe huge losses and devices can also get damaged. That’s why it is necessary to have a UPS system but there are some important factors that is necessary to consider while buying the online UPS system.

# Number of Devices
You need to make sure how many devices you are connecting to the UPS system and can buy the UPS system accordingly. Users should contact the online ups system dealer, they will provide you the information which UPS system will be best for the number of devices you will connect through it. So, you need to make your decision only after deciding the number of device you will connect through it. 

# Backup Runtime
Another important thing to consider is the runtime of the UPS system, you need to consider the amount of runtime you need to provide emergency backup. Generally, five minutes is sufficient power needed to make stabilizer run but if you want to have more backup time then there are many companies providing more time, you need to consider this thing also. 

# Warranty
It is always necessary to consider the warranty period before going to buy the UPS system. Generally, UPS systems are coming with 2 – 3 years warranty and you should look at the warranty period before buying it. You will get ensured from once you get more warranty from the online ups system supplier, so never underestimate this feature. 

# Tower or Rack Mount
Another important thing is you need to look is to decide whether you want a tower or Rack Mount. As we have seen Tower UPS system is more popular than Rack Mount because rack mounting has less durability. Also you need to make sure that there is a proper airflow system because high temperature can also impact the life of a battery. 

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