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Ht Transformer Manufacturers In India

In the most basic sense, a transformer is a device that increases or decreases voltage. The output voltage is raised in a step-up transformer, whereas the output voltage is lowered in a step-down transformer. To maintain the system's input and output power equal, a step-up transformer reduces the output current while a step-down transformer boosts it.
The transformer is primarily a device for controlling voltage, and it is widely employed in the transmission and distribution of alternating currents. Michael Faraday first proposed the concept of a transformer in 1831, and several other famous scientists have since developed it. But the general function of transformers was to balance the power generated at high voltages, and the consumption is done at low voltages. ABP Power Solutions is small transformer manufacturers in India.


Today, the Company focuses its on following key application areas:

  • Home Office
  • Business Networks
  • Access Provider Networks
  • Data Centers and Facilities
  • Medical Industries
  • Banking, Insurence & Financial Services
  • Satellite Uplinking and Earth Stations.

About Us

Technical Specifications


SI Technology : Three Phase Oil Cooled HT Transformer
1. Output Output Oil type, ONAN and core type
2. Wide Input Range 11000V
3. Accurate Output 415V
4. Ratings 200-5000kva
5. Frequency 50HZ
6. Type Of cooling Oil Cooling
7. Type Of binding Copper
8. Paint Shade EPOXY/Enamel Paint to shade 631/632 of IS:5
9. Design Service Life 25 Years
10. Overloader Capacity 2 Hour
11. Cooling ONAN

How does the Transformer work?

Transformer's primary functions and applications include:

  • For example, if the voltage increases, the current reduces, and vice versa, because P =V x I and Power is the same in an AC circuit.
  • Using this device can alter the value of a capacitor, an inductor, or a resistance in an AC circuit. As a result, it can serve as an impedance converter.
  • It can be used to stop the flow of electricity from one circuit to the other.
  • It is capable of electrically isolating two circuits.

What's in it for You?
ABP Power Solutions has been hailed as one of the most trustworthy CE Certified Control Transformers Manufacturers and one of top 10 transformer manufacturers in India. There was only one goal in mind: to improve the quality and functionality of transformers previously provided. To our delight, we can report that we've been able to improve these standards and consistently create new ones. Innovation and cutting-edge technology have propelled us into the ranks of the market's elite, making us one of top 20 transformer manufacturers in India. Contact us right away to get started on your order!
Fresh, Updated Infrastructure: Having a strong manufacturing facility infrastructure is critical to the success of our business and company. Because of this infrastructure and the people who work with it, we've had a lot of success thus far. Modern gear and tools are needed to produce high-quality items using an innovative strategy.
Leading Transformer Manufacturers in India - ABP Power SolutionsTo stay on top of the list of power transformer manufacturers in India of the latest industry trends and demands, we have regularly renovated and improved our facilities. There are many types of transformers in our catalogue, including step-down and step-up transformers. ABP Power Solutions over the years due to its high-quality services, has build a huge goodwill for its, It is also one of the to-notch player in the market amongst the other competition.

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